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What's Your Next Move?

About The Idea Concierge™ 

and her creative team of go-getters


Let's Inspire Together! Next Level Growth Planning and Goal Setting. Premier Idea Generator and ImpleMENTOR. What's Your Next Move?

As a self- proclaimed and client sanctioned idea genius, T. R has quickly become a highly sought after personal and business commodity. With two successful decades within Corporate America in Business & Finance leadership fueling the mission; she has continued to get people unstuck all over America.  As a way to cleanse her personal idea pallet, put organization to her hundreds of idea notebooks, and audio thoughts; The Idea Concierge™ was created in 2012. Due to constant demand, the once referral only based service of The Idea Concierge™ has quickly become the secret weapon for corporations, small businesses and individuals in need of a winning breakthrough.

Her unique and God-given ability to instantly provide creative and income generating idea solutions, turned into a strategic patent-pending process that is changing stagnant think tank and focus group outcomes. She has activated her purpose and that is to help individuals, small businesses and independent consultants reach their goals.

T. R. has spent years building lasting relationships with people and organizations that are offering services, and products to assist others on their success journey. She is the creative core of the Rock Your Dream worldwide initiative that resulted from her pre-book launch efforts. Her endless supply of personal resources coupled with her hand-picked creative team of go-getters has stretched her global reach. Face it, it takes time to build a strong network of professionals and businesses that you have trusted relationships. Over time, you may have found yourself joining numerous networking sites, attending meet up groups and muddling through all of the solicitations in the mail attempting to find the “answer” to your tough spot. You are not alone…

She has been there and done that! And still does those important elements of growing business but with a laser focused custom approach. The great news is that you don’t have to wonder if you are doing it right any longer. It is time to maximize your business exposure, increase your profit margins and start reaching your personal & professional goals.




T.R. aka The Idea Concierge™ is a veteran entrepreneur, and business starter. She has created and implemented strategies to grow corporate brands, and small & home based business exposure to increase revenues. Known for her passion to ignite the fire in others, she shows people how to set plans and activate them for success.

Sometimes you have NO IDEA what to say, NO IDEA what to do, or NO IDEA how to achieve your next goal. The Idea Concierge™ gives you the motivation and information to get you UNSTUCK & #ROCKYOURDREAM


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