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In this book you will be propelled into making more happen around you, for you and to you. Are you subconsciously negative? Do you find yourself starting and stopping things constantly? Is your to-do list piled up with unfinished projects, plans or dreams? It is time to take back your life, rejuvenate your spirit, and recondition your mind. This dose of positive thinking resonates with the person you were, are now, and will be. These affirmations will create a more focused life by assimilating the right messages into your head space.  You will stop living each day stuck in a rut with a daily ho-hum mentality. This book helps you align your thoughts with taking action to achieve ANYTHING.

    These simple words that are easy to recite, memorize and activate have been strategically sequenced for you to think, live and be dynamic every single day. You will get more done, overcome obstacles and negativity will become obsolete. You will wake up renewed with fresh perspective and look forward to new opportunities. You will be able to do these and more with 52 Affirmations To Tell Yourself EVERY Single Day To Make Things Happen...


#6 Kicks fear in the face
#11 Builds your confidence in your ability
#18 Allows you to conquer challenges
#24 Pushes you beyond pain into peace
#43 Confirms your connections are divine
#51 Shows you how to love & be loved
#42  Stops you from being broke, broken & broke down


Remember, you can never have a day do over, but a mindset makeover stops you from living the next day the same way over and over.

So, Go Ahead and Talk To Yourself.

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