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We're obsessed 

with helping individuals and businesses!

We can give you as many references as you like.

Whether you have a shoestring budget or a mega budget...we have creative idea solutions.

Don't worry, we're used to being the best kept secret. We want you to love the ideas so much, you treat them as your own! Afterall, who wants anyone to know, it wasn't their idea right? 

We know creative ideas are the core of so many businesses that people hire like PR Agents, Ad Agencies, Event Planners, and Promotion Companies; BUT Guess what THEY CALL US TOO! Everybody can use a fresh idea when you get stuck. Why do you think our business is just thinking? Thinking and Planning... Thinking and Planning all day everyday! 


You would be surprised to know the celebrities and brands we have worked with to create some of the most popular ad campaigns, fundraising events, commercial concepts, and marketing plans. The fun doesn't stop there because we get request from everyday people looking to get unstuck and rock their dreams. Individuals who need to  figure out a solution to a problem, increase monthly cash or even fun stuff like creating the most amazing marriage proposal. Now, you can see why The Idea Concierge™ is America's #1 Personal Thinker



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